Watching a super hero movie directed by a woman is like putting glasses on for the first time.

I didn’t realize how much I had to squint through the “male gaze” till suddenly, miraculously, I didn’t have to.

There were absolutely NO eye candy shots of Diana. There were Amazons with ageing skin and crows feet and not ONE of them wore armor that was a glorified corset. When Diana did the superhero landing, her thigh jiggled onscreen.

Did you hear me? HER FUCKING THIGH JIGGLED. Wonder Woman’s thigh jiggled on a 20-foot tall screen in front of everyone.

Because she wasn’t there to make men drool. She wasn’t there to be sexy and alluring and flirt her way to victory, and that means she has big, muscular thighs, and when they absorb the impact of a superhero landing, they jiggle, and.that’s.WONDERFUL.

Thank you, Patty Jenkins, for giving me a movie about a woman, told by a woman,so I can see it through my eyes, not some dude bro who’s there for boobs and butts.


Will Foxeye be the entirety of ACOWAR from Lucien’s Pov, or just the scenes where its explicitly stated he’s there?

Just the scenes where it’s explicitly stated he’s there. I may do a few additional scenes of my own that Feyre didn’t witness (such as the conversation with Tamlin in Chapter 5), but I’ll pretty much be sticking to the parts he’s present for. I won’t be writing his full journey to the continent because I don’t have the time or energy for that, but the first half of ACOWAR is still a lot of material to work with, and I’m really looking forward to it. 

Your latest chapter about Fox-eye just proves to me that the people who claim Lucien would be abusive towards Elain because of what he’s experienced is just bullcrap! I know that your fic is not canon, but to me it fits how I see Lucien’s reaction to the events in this book. I’m excited for Lucien to meet Az and have to be flown by him (if you do end up writing that scene)

Yes! Omg! I can’t believe anyone would suggest that our red bean would dare hurt Elain in any way. Like, have we read the same books? Lucien can be a prick sometimes when his worldview is being knocked around, but he has been on the receiving end of pain and violence for so long that I highly doubt he would turn around and inflict it on someone else (another character, maybe, but not Lucien). Lucien’s problem is that he clings to what he feels is the truth, what he feels is the order of things, even if his perspective isn’t accurate. It takes a lot to shake him out of that, and Tamlin’s behavior in ACOWAR really pushes him. It’s a long and complicated journey for him, but he’s not stubborn out of any ill will. He’s as stuck as anyone else, but he wants to be there for his friends above anything else. This is what people forget about Lucien most, I think.