sorry if you’ve addressed this elsewhere, but I had this thought long before that last anon- does it bother you that your book’s title is so close to what might be considered a market competitor (Uprooted)? Have you considered changing it because of that? (not suggesting you should, just curious)

Heeeeecccckkkkk yes! This is honestly why I didn’t pick up Uprooted for a very long time–it got on my nerves so much! And I definitely considered changing my title, even though this one really does fit just right. My editor suggested that the similarity might work in my book’s favor, though, so that helped persuade me to keep it. 

Now having read Uprooted, I can say that my book is a very, very different story, despite some surface-level similarities. I love Novik’s book, but I’m stubbornly keeping my title and hoping for the best. 😉


Is Unrooted like ACOTAR? (Naomi Novik)

Okay, quick clarification!

UProoted is a book by Naomi Novik, published in 2015.

UNrooted is a book written by yours truly, to be published in 2018.

(This has been confused in a few recent asks, so that’s why I clarified.)

Naomi Novik’s book really isn’t like ACOTAR at all. Romance is not the focus, and the heroine is extremely different (Agnieszka is a Hufflepuff to Feyre’s Slytherin). I honestly think Novik’s book is better quality than ACOTAR from a craft perspective, but it really depends on what you’re looking for as a reader! 

I hate to be the only Negative Nancy about your book, but I’m really worried about the portrayal of dwarves in Unrooted. I know very little about it, and I’m trying not to pre-judge, but I hope there are some non-evil dwarf characters. I know dwarfs are a standard fantasy race but so often they stand in for real little people, and that depiction has affects IRL. You seem knowledgable about representation, and a thoughtful person who would do their research, so can you assuage my fears? Thank you

Hi! Thanks so much for the ask! This is a totally valid concern, and I’m honestly quite glad you’ve brought it up. I’m going to try to answer without spoilers, but I promise that this is something I’ve thought about! 

A big theme in my story is allowing my protagonists to escape their very restrictive upbringings and be exposed more to the much bigger world around them. Another is that nothing is really what it seems to be. At first, both of them make judgments based on their limited experience of the world, and because the book is written in multiple first-person, it’s possible that the reader will see one or both of their sides. However, as the plot pushes them further, expectations and assumptions are challenged. While I’ll be extra sure to make it clear that the antagonistic “dwarf” characters are not representative of their entire kind, Pomona and Nevea don’t meet a wide variety of this group of people in the first book (I’ll make an important note that they are never referred to as “dwarves” or “dwarfs” in the book–they’re called Nova–but for the sake of the description and the need to make it clear that it’s a Snow White retelling, I use that word in the blurb). Without giving away spoilers, this may change in subsequent books in the series, because they’ll be forced to meet and ally with a great number of different kinds of people. 

As I was developing this series, I definitely realized that any black-and-white depiction of any group of people as good or evil would cause trouble and potentially do harm. My characters have their own biases, but these will be challenged as the story goes on, because uncritical bias does not a good story make. Thanks so much for your question! 

How do you read the French fairytales of Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, etc online?

Do you want to read them in French? Or just the different versions? I recommend SurLaLune Fairy Tales because it should have links to the various versions. You can also Google Persinette, Fragolette, Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, and so on. The Sleeping Beauty we know best is originally French, though it has an extra episode where the princess’s mother-in-law tries to eat her!

Wait, what is the new story you’ve posted about? I don’t recognize the names :) Is it an original story or fanfiction?

The Taste of Your Name is fanfiction for Naomi Novik’s “Uprooted”! It’s really fun to be writing in another fandom. 🙂 I’ll have a few chapters left of this one to write, and then who knows?

Captain America would kick Wonder Woman’s ass just sayin


As someone who loves my son Steve Rogers, I have to say that he could never kick Diana’s ass, like literally, and also he would never do that, because Steve Rogers would grow up idolising the mysterious hero from WW1, and would probably swoon if he got to meet her, would call her “ Your Majesty” unironically, until Diana has to literally punch him to make him stop, and even then, he’d call her “Ma’am” with the utmost respect, and also he’d follow her to Hell and back without blinking.

Just had this freaking awesome dream that I went to inquire about a job for my brother at what turned out to be a senior dog and cat shelter owned by my church. But then the owner (a woman I recognize from church but don’t know well) started talking to me about my book, and it turned out she worked for my publisher and was working on the editing. We started talking about marketing and events and somehow I was going to be on a panel with Naomi Novik at BookCon next year? THEN Leigh Bardugo appears across the table from me and we chat about my book a little??? (For some reason I was also working on Russian homework, which was funny bc, you know, Grisha.) It was just so freaking cool.

And I woke up with this really passionate need to go to her signing in Cincinnati this fall, even if I have to leave class early to make it. I realized I could actually give an academic justification for it, too, since “The Language of Thorns” is all fairy tales.

Here’s hoping I can still get a ticket!