(1/2) Why did you block the people involved in the Chaol ableist post? What they did was wrong but at the same time and they all apologised for it. It seems kind of harsh and unforgiving and idk, I’m not here to tell you what to do but I think maybe they deserve a second chance? I just don’t think we should be so harsh on people in general because it will make them feel really shit about themselves​, and now they’ve learned their lesson wheres the need for guilt tripping them.

(2/2) Making a mistake doesnt mean they are all monsters. This is why our fandom is so toxic, one tumblr post or one point of view doesn’t make someone a bad person and it’s just unfair? People need to be accepting that we are all human and make mistakes and say things we’re not proud of. Tearing someone down completely for one thing doesn’t give you the moral high ground. Nothing is that black and white. it’s not personal against you, this is a general thing I wanted to address somewhere.

*sigh* this happened like, a month ago? And I really thought we’d moved on from it. I’m allowed to customize my tumblr experience in any way I choose, and it was a personal decision I made based on what I saw and my efforts to be a good ally (and no, not everyone apologized). Idk if it helps or hurts, but honestly I wasn’t a fan of those blogs for other reasons. I’m asexual, and while I’m pretty sex-positive for the most part, the hyper-sexualized threads that often showed up on those blogs, and thus on my dash, were starting to wear me out and make me uncomfortable. I’ve had to unfollow (not block) other blogs I otherwise liked, too, because they were reblogging these threads and it was just too much to handle. 

I never called anyone a monster. Holding people accountable for their actions and following through on consequences for those actions is not what makes the fandom toxic. This post here explains it perfectly, but I’ll copy/paste here for your convenience:

discussing fandom homophobia isn’t fandom “turning toxic” the toxic thing is having homophobia in the fandom

discussing fandom racism isn’t fandom “turning toxic” the toxic thing is having racism in the fandom

discussing fandom transphobia isn’t fandom “turning toxic” the toxic thing is having transphobia in the fandom

discussing fandom pedofilia isn’t fandom “turning toxic” the toxic thing is having pedofilia in the fandom

discussing fandom abuse apologism isn’t fandom “turning toxic” the toxic thing is having abuse apologism in the fandom

something to remember for those Critically Thinking Adults™

Ableism isn’t mentioned but you get the point. 

If me calling out and blocking these people is the worst thing to happen to them, then they’re super fortunate, because I really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Also, it doesn’t seem my decision has had a major effect on any of them, so it shouldn’t be that big a deal. I blocked them because to me it was the right thing to do. I want to take action in my allyship, no matter how small, instead of just talking about it. You can judge me for that if you want, but I’m comfortable with my decision.


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