Roses are red, that much is true, but violets are purple, not fucking blue.

I have been waiting for this post all my life.

They are indeed purple,
But one thing you’ve missed:
The concept of “purple”
Didn’t always exist.

Some cultures lack names
For a color, you see.
Hence good old Homer
And his “wine-dark sea.”

A usage so quaint,
A phrasing so old,
For verses of romance
Is sheer fucking gold.

So roses are red.
Violets once were called blue.
I’m hugely pedantic
But what else is new?


I’m so exhausted and stressed out right now. I want to read but I don’t, I want to write but I can’t, and I have a week and a half left of intensive Russian that I just want to be over with (I’ve loved the class but it’s been A Lot). It’s like I’m a loaded spring with a brick on top of me keeping me from feeling right and I hate it. Weekends are my only solace but I have to claw my way through the week to get there. I’ll make it and be fine, but I’m just so tired. 😦