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Been tagged in a couple of ‘post a line’ games – and this is the FIRST line one!

Thank you to @tcstu​ for the tag, yay! 😀

The rules are simple: Post the first line of your WIP (or a line you’re particularly proud of) without context, then tag as many people as there are words in the line–or until you run out of people to tag if it’s long! If you don’t have a WIP, share a line from one of your favorite books!

First line of my WIP, Wensergutted:

had been an otherwise slow and uneventful Fishersday, on the afternoon that the
unsuspecting food stand, Steamy Buns, very suddenly went up in a ball of fire.

I would like to tag: @elenajohansen @scripturient-manipulator @christinawritesfiction @merigreenleaf @hklunethewriter @elisawinther @ava-burton-author @eggletine and @fashionablyfyrdraaca! Just picking a few names from my dash. 🙂 I’m sorry if anyone has already done this one!

Roxanne let me know with considerable fury that she did not consider her funeral a good reason to close the library down, even for just the morning.

This is a long line, let’s see, 27 words! I will tag: @bronwyngreenauthor @authorjessjarman @faireladypenumbra @litlereddoll @neenorroar @rosecorcoranwrites @mareebrittenford @an-author-and-his-books @elliewants2write @cindylynnspeer @kmhauthor @bymeganwithmeraki @emptymanuscript @albatris @alysewrites @spacey-casey @megan-cutler @emdenning @gaiabamman @the960writers @thejollywriter @roughwaterwriting @a-sundeen @aclassyrogue @theflowofink @gingerly-writing @jltillary

[i’m so glad i have a text list of writeblr buddies saved]

Thanks @elenajohansen for the tag!

“Next time, don’t bring your mom to a fist fight!”

I’ll tag @midnight-wonder @megan-cutler @bjmerm @abbyleewrites @katemcolby @jonaslee-author @authorctcallahan @miricastor

Thank you @an-author-and-his-books (I’m really curious? What is one doing to be having a fist fight with their mother? 😂) my line is
‘The sea pulls you in two directions, it pulls you forward and it pulls you backwards, just like life’
I tag @songbirdsbooks / @songbirdwritesstuff
And anyone else who writes!

“A shadow slipper through the empty street.”

Thank you @midnight-wonder

I tag


Thank you for the tag @throne-of-omg-the-feels

I have like 3 WIPs and I wonder if I’ll finish any of them, but here’s one nonetheless.

“Alessa’s legs were aching by now and her boots were soaked.”

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Thanks @runesandfaes for the tag! 🙂

I, too, have many WIPs but here’s one I am working on right now:

awoke the next morning to Cassian’s soft groan.

*waggles eyebrows* Aaaanywho, I tag

@getalittlecountry @ericatheweirdo @fuzzballsheltiepants @rowan-buzzard-whitethorn @writers-among-stars And im not sure who else writes, so I’ll tag anyone else who wants to participate!

Thanks @wingsofanillyrian I have a bunch of half written chapters for First Time Again written. But I wanna share this one instead.

“My favorite memory of her is incidentally from the night we met. We were just two strangers, so caught up in each other we could barely breathe.”

Yeah hopefully I finish this one soon. I really love it.

I tag @feysandsmut @nessiansmut @buggitybooks and whoever else I constantly read!!!

“Through the rusted grate of the stolen asylum wagon, Emmeline Avery watched the autumn leaves begin to fall.”

I tag @sarahviehmann @liograce and @tntwme You guys rock ♥️

“The market of Malja was a dusty, clamorous display as always, but such an environment was perfect
for my duties.”

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How do you feel about the way YA has been evolving over the last 10-15 years (or more)? What do you think is still missing from YA? Or, do you have any concerns about the evolution of the genre?


I’m a bit concerned about the heavy emphasis on series over single books, but knowing the industry as I do, I’m optimistic that sooner or later the trend will change. We’ll still have series, but the emphasis will shift to single books again. I say this in spite of the fact that I’ve been getting away with series for years….

The emphasis on strong female characters has certainly increased over the last 10-15 years, and the respect given to female writers is much greater than it was when I entered the industry. I also like the admission of more mature themes in YA as opposed to what was permitted and what was not, even in the 80s. People have stopped trying to pretend that teenagers are not physical human beings, and they’ve stopped trying to pretend that teenagers are innocents who know nothing of adult issues. 

I just finished Tash Hearts Tolstoy and really loved it!! I don’t think I would have found it or picked it up if you hadn’t said anything about it, so I’m super grateful that you did! Thank you!!

Oh my goodness! You beat me to it! I ordered it from B&N a couple of weeks ago but it never came in to the store, so I’ll have to buy it offline. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it, though!






Schrödinger’s boys


What about cracking open a cold milkshake

As we all know, the milkshake brings the boys to the yard. The presence of the boys is a prerequisite for the cracking open of a cold one, but cold ones do not have any inherent boy-attracting abilities. Milkshakes, however, do. All else being equal, the boys would proceed to the milkshake yard. While it is possible to announce the presence of cold ones in the hope of attracting some boys, the pull of the milkshake is much more powerful by comparison.

mind you, all of this nonsense hinges on whether or not the boys are back in town

Do you have any book recs for the fantasy genre? (specifically epic fantasy and high fantasy?)

I tend not to read a lot of fantasy books that would qualify as “epic” or “high” fantasy because I tend to find them a bit dense, but if you look through my “adult fantasy,” “ya fantasy,” and “fantasy” tags, you’ll probably find some options!

I recently read “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss, which seems to be the sort of thing you’re looking for. 

I don’t know if you’ve read V.E. Schwab’s Vicious, but she said that she always viewed Victor Vale (the protagonist) as asexual and it WILL be canonized in the second book. I am beyond words.

Ooooh that’s so exciting! V.E. Schwab has been on my list for a long time, and I’m hoping to get to her books this fall! I also follow her on Twitter and she’s super cool, so I’m looking forward to it!