So I just got a new laptop and I want to get some stickers for it. Do you know of any ACOMAF artist who have any cool stickers on redbubble? (sorry if this is a weird question)

No, it’s not a weird question! I currently have @embaileyart‘s Elucien sticker on my laptop, and she has a few other ones, too! Also @meabhd has tons of stickers on her store! Those are the two that I know of, but I’m pretty sure some other fan artists have some, too! Just search for ‘a court of mist and fury’ and it comes up with a bunch of results!



Okay so I hesitated a long while before making this one because there’s already so much great Feyre fanart out there I feel like the look of her character is pretty much nailed down by now. xD Here’s my little contribution to the acotar fandom anyway.




As one can see i’m in a bit of an ACOTAR frenzy lol

Started different fanarts with different intentions and thought I could post some sneak peeks here, maybe give me a bit of feedback on the faces? Rhys is so haaaard to draw omg. He’s so perfect i don’t wanna mess him up. 

First preview is a full painting piece i’ve been working on for two weeks now and it’s killing meeeeee lol i dont wanna show more cause i keep changing their arms and i want it to be as perfect as possible. the other three are for fun and relaxing, and very much in progress (Feysand dancing at starlight, Lucien my bby, and Rhys being a sexy mofo (hint feyre is somewhere on the pic too wink wink) ) (i know lucien’s eye isnt depicted as damaged as this in general, but given amarantha’s tendencies, i doubt she’d had left him with just a scratch)

what do you guys think ?

I love them! I’d love to see the full versions!