Top Five Wednesday

Welcome to Top 5 Wednesday! Every week, join me and other bloggers/booktubers as we discuss our Top 5 Books according to the theme from the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group! This group, started by @thoughtsontomes and @gingerreadslainey, has prompts every week.


Typically, we read about our protagonist being taught by someone wiser than they, whether is it is a teacher as we know them or more of a supernatural/magical mentor. Talk about some of your favorites!

p.s. For the love of god please do not choose Harry Potter characters that is just TOO EASY 🙂

#5 – BROM from Eragon by Christopher Paolini

I think Brom was my second-favorite character after Roran in this series, so I’ll include him on this list as being one of the more interesting mentor characters I remember.

#4 – CASSIAN from A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

I know people have many different opinions about him, but I thought Cassian was such a good friend and teacher to Feyre in the second book in the series. I wished we’d gotten to see more of it.

#3 – ELEANOR WEST from Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

Miss Eleanor’s Home for Wayward Children was the setting for this novella, and I found Eleanor herself so warm-hearted and intelligent. She was complex in ways that were hard to pin down, but I really liked a lot what she added to the story and how much she cared for her pupils.

#2 – SARKAN from Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Sarkan is such a wonderful grump and even though he’s definitely a flawed character, I found him such a delightful part of reading the book!

#1 – MERLIN from The Once and Future King by T.H. White

The way White write Merlin is so endearing and charming, and I remember laughing out loud several times when I was reading this book last semester. He’s definitely part of the reason this book was one of my top books of 2017!

This was so much harder than I expected! The top three came easily, but after that I had a much harder time. Who are your favorite (non-Hogwarts) mentor figures?


I don’t know if you will answer this question because I know that you no longer follow this series but when I reread ACOMAF this passage (of Rhys) intrigued me ; he said during the meeting with the mortal Queens this : “Why I fought for your people in the War—only to begin my own supposed reign of terror once I ascended my throne, and ensured everyone heard the legends about it.” so do you think that if it wasn’t for his reputation, he wouldn’t have fought in the war ?

No, I think the point he’s making is that if he was really as awful as everyone said, why would he have fought on their side? He’s telling them that the rumors about his “reign of terror” are just rumors and legends, if that makes sense.

Yes, I was a Feylin shipper too at a time but Maas kind of uses his “PTSD” to turn him into an asshole so I can’t ship him anymore with Feyre :/ and I have never been a big fan of Rhys, have some issues with the way he treated Feyre even in ACOMAF when he uses her like a bait or “forced” her to steal that book at the Summer court. But I suppose it’s no use talking about it now. Let’s cross our fingers to find our OTP one day ! :)

Yeah, I’d argue that Tamlin’s bad behavior was evident during the first book as well, but I totally understand why you feel that way about Rhys. I don’t agree that he forced Feyre to steal the book, but his treatment of her Under the Mountain was ultimately glossed over. Feysand was my OTP for a while, but I couldn’t feel that way anymore after ACOWAR.

Hello Sara ! =) It’s not really a question and I know that maybe I will be criticized but I still have some issues with Feyre and Rhys, I mean when I read ACOMAF they’re are my goals (more toward the end though) and they shared a healthy relationship but when I go back to ACOTAR I still feel that awkward feeling when it comes to Feyre and Rhys interactions. I know it was all “a mask” for Rhys part and maybe it was the way Feyre described but still I don’t know what to feel about that sometimes..

That’s okay! You’re not alone in this, and frankly, it’s healthy to criticize it! Feyre as the narrator accepts Rhys’s explanation, and because the book is written from her perspective, the audience is encouraged to accept it, too. But there’s such a thing as unreliable narrators, and it’s perfectly valid to question the origins of their relationship, how Rhys treated her even under the mask, and how that developed into the relationship they ended up in. You’re not wrong for wondering about it, and you’re not wrong for being a little uncomfortable, either!

So I know I’m probably going to have a lot of hate following this comment and maybe it’s not the better place to talk about it (even if I like your blog and your understanding personality) but now that I finish the ACOTAR series, I still wonder why Rhysand was Amarantha whore ? I mean Velaris was protected by a magic barrier (just like some place in the Winter court) and I don’t think the fact that make love to Amarantha “distracted” her to searched for a way to “broke” Rhys. (part 1)

Also when Rhys insinuated that Amarantha abused him I don’t think it was rape or abuse (following the official definition of it) because he was more than consenting and we don’t even know if he really disliked it; there wasn’t any “actions” that proved otherwise but just some words from his part. I don’t want to justify anything of course but I still have a doubt about the accuracy of the relationship he and Amarantha shared and if I’m wrong about something I truly want to apologize. Thank you.

Okay, yeah, I understand that you’re just trying to figure things out, but this sounds a lot like rape apology, so you do need to be careful when talking about things like this. Whether or not Rhys’s decision to subject himself to Amarantha makes sense from a narrative perspective isn’t really the point in this case. Taken as it is in the text, Rhys was still very much Amarantha’s victim. Yes, he had his own reasons involved in the scheme, but it was clear throughout Rhys’s recounting of events that he really didn’t want to participate. He also describes in both ACOTAR and ACOMAF in great detail how very much under her power everyone Under the Mountain was. 

I waited. But he [Rhys] shook his head. “Even if I felt like helping you, I couldn’t. She gives the order, and we all bow to it.” He picked a fleck of dust off his black jacket. “It’s a good thing she likes me, isn’t it?”

  I opened my mouth to press him—to beg him. If it meant instantaneous freedom—

  “Don’t waste your breath,” he said. “I can’t tell you—no one here can. If she ordered us all to stop breathing, we would have to obey that, too.”

ACOTAR pg. 301

He has no power to deny Amarantha anything. Without an option to say no, there is no consent, regardless of what Rhys’s long game is. He was far from “more than consenting” and we definitely know he disliked it. 

“But for fifty years—whenever I was inside her, I’d think about killing her. She had no idea. None. Because I was so good at my job that she thought I enjoyed it, too.”

ACOMAF pg. 433

You claim that there aren’t any “actions” that prove he wasn’t consenting or didn’t dislike it. What about when he tried to kill Amarantha? Or this line, in ACOWAR?

Rhys murmured, “If she …” His swallow was audible. “If she showed up at this house …” I knew who he meant. “I would kill her. Without even letting her speak. I would kill her.”

ACOWAR pg. 249

Further, the suggestion that a rape victim needs to act in order to be believed, and that their words are not enough, is a very dangerous thing to say. The U.S. Department of Justice’s updated definition of rape says, “physical resistance is not required on the part of the victim to demonstrate lack of consent.” Claiming otherwise is the very thing that has allowed rape and sexual assault to be so ingrained in our society. “Why didn’t she say anything sooner?” “Why didn’t he fight her off?” “How do we know they’re telling the truth?” If you look at the #MeToo movement, this is exactly the kind of thing they’re trying to fight against. 

SJM’s use of sexual assault as a thread in her series might not be baked all the way through, and there’s certainly some things you can criticize there from a narrative perspective. But in this case, Rhys was clearly a victim of Amarantha, he clearly was not consenting, and he clearly did not like it. Again, I understand that you’re trying to figure this out and mean no harm, but this is an important thing to learn when discussing a difficult topic like this. Believing a victim is, as a rule, a far better take than disbelieving them.  

Top Five Wednesday


Welcome to Top 5 Wednesday! Every week, join me and other bloggers/booktubers as we discuss our Top 5 Books according to the theme from the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group! This group, started by @thoughtsontomes and @gingerreadslainey, has prompts every week.

Today, the theme is PROBLEMATIC FAVES!

Characters you don’t want to love, but you can’t help liking.

#5 – Nyx from Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Nyx is an unlikable heroine if there ever was one, but I still really root for her in her story. She’s abrasive and sometimes lacks emotional intelligence, but she’s tough and her romance with Ignifex is so dynamic. I enjoy rereading this book from time to time for Nyx. 

#4 – Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury

Parting is such sweet sorrow. You all know I loved Rhys. He and Feyre were my OTP for a whole year. I eventually just became so burned by ACOWAR and so disillusioned by his entitled, toxic masculinity and faux-feminism that I had to let him go. But I’d be lying if I didn’t include him on this list of problematic faves. And I miss him. 😦

#3 – Warner from the Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi

So, I never really bought into the total “redemption” of Warner that the fandom peddles because I think a lot of his behavior goes uncritiqued, but that’s what makes him one of my problematic faves! He’s the kind of YA love interest that I don’t want to see more of, but at the same time, Waaaaarrrrnnnneeeerrrrr. I die whenever he’s on the page in Ignite Me. So … I’m trash!

#2 – Sarkan from Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Sarkan is an ass, and he never really stops being an ass, but I LOVE HIM OKAY?! I wrote a whole 20,000 word fanfiction just so I could feel better about liking him. His relationship with Agnieszka isn’t exactly the healthiest but DAMN do I root for them! So yes, Sarkan = serious problematic fave.

#1 – Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

I should not love someone this sketchy so much, but Jane Eyre remains my #1 go-to when I need a deep and compelling romance. Rochester is kind of a creep, he’s made terrible decisions, and he’s 100% problematic, but I really can’t bring myself to stop loving him and the part he plays in Jane’s story.

Who are your problematic faves? I know they abound in the book world, but maybe your problematic faves come from TV or movies! Whatever they are, feel free to share in a comment or reblog! 

When reading ACOMAF, I was in a considerably good place after years of inactivity and of hardly getting out of my house because of my depression. Feyre’s emotional journey resonated with me. Her managing to find such great friendships and the respect she deserved in a relationship was also important to me. Then I read ACOWAR. Other people’s traumas (Lucien’s, Mor’s and even Tamlin’s) are disregarded in Feyre’s POV and her pact with Rhysand after the line ‘I was the star that only glowed thanks

to his darkness, the light only visible because of him.“ made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

I’m sorry to hear this, nonnie! You’re not the only person I’ve heard this from. The trauma narrative was handled so well in ACOMAF, and then almost disregarded in ACOWAR. At the very least, it lacked follow-through. If a writer is trying to communicate a theme or message, it needs to go all the way down and not just matter in regard to the protagonist. 

is it just me or I feel like Az would be into BDSM-type things? maybe sadomasochism… mostly because of his past and how he copes with it.

You’re definitely not the only person who’s thought of this! There have been Az BDSM fics since after ACOMAF came out! If you look in the right places, I’m sure you’ll find them. 😉

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I was tagged by @tinylittlebluebird! Thank you! You all have heard my voice a lot so I wasn’t gonna do this at first, but I figured, what the heck. Below are the questions if anyone else feels like doing this!

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