Hey I don’t mean to bother you but it’s been so long since I’ve read ACOWAS and I wanted to give it a reread but for some reason it isn’t working on AO3! Is there anywhere else I’d be able to find it?😊

It’s no bother! I checked Ao3 and you’re right that for some reason it’s not working properly! Try this link to see if it helps. If not, you can read the whole thing here on my blog from this page. Thanks for letting me know about the problem!

Is there anyway to get a copy of ACOWAS in print? I.E. do you plan on making an online PDF version that can be downloaded and printed? I would much rather have ACOWAS next to ACOMAF and believe that is the ending than seeing ACOWAR in my collection.

Oh, this is so kind of you! ❤ Really, it’s so sweet and means a lot!

Your best bet is to go to the Archive of Our Own page, which allows you to download it as a PDF. You can do the same with any of the one-shots, as well. Just a warning, it comes out to over 400 pages as a PDF, so it might be a little expensive to print. You’re welcome to do so if you’d like, though! 

Thanks so much for the lovely note. ❤


Honestly… I was not even halfway done reading ACOWAR when I decided to just stop reading it altogether. I can’t even explain it; it’s like everything about it just made reading that book feel like a chore to me, if that makes sense? And now my copy of ACOWAR is just sitting there on my book shelf. Seriously, ACOWAS was WAY BETTER. I may or may not wish at times that ACOWAS were the official ACOWAR instead.

That sense of it being a “chore” is reflective of my experience, as well. The pacing was simply so slow that it felt like a slog most of the time. Pacing doesn’t have to ruin a book, but in this case it made my reading experience very different.

And thank you so much! It’s nice to hear ACOWAS aged well, though I am sad that we didn’t get the real third book we were hoping for. 

Hey! It… uh… it sucks that they left ACOTAR as a duology. Like, the author could have done so much with the series if she’d written a third book! It’s a *cough* shame she didn’t continue… but thank you with all of my heart for writing ACOWAS! Your writing skills filled the void in my heart where a third ACOTAR book should have been… (if it existed) :)

(you’re very, very welcome. I’m glad it’s still holding up. 😉 )

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I finished reading ACOWAS and I have spent the past few days trying to figure out how to adequately describe how wonderful it was. It was everything I had wanted the final ACOTAR book to be, and more.Your characterization of Rhys was perfect, and I really admired how well you understood the characters. I also loved your OCs too, Aracely was an absolute delight, and I loved her relationship with Tarquin. Your story was a gift, and I just wanted to thank you

This brought the biggest smile to my face! Thank you so very much, nonnie! 

Is Mor gay in ACOWAS?

No, because like most of the fandom, I read Mor and Azriel as a potential ship in ACOMAF (ACOWAS was written a month after ACOMAF came out). I wasn’t super into that ship in particular, so it gets kind of shunted in ACOWAS, but they are a thing. I focus more on Feysand, Nessian, and Elucien (the latter two in one-shots). I do make Lucien bisexual, though, and there are other gay or bi characters throughout.

Just wanted to say that I absolutely love when you write anything about Elucien or Feysand bc your written is SO good and makes my fangirl heart very happy (let’s be honest ACOWAS is a truly masterpiece). THANK YOU ♥ *sending hug*

Aww thank you!! I’d love to be able to get back to writing them. I’m low on Feysand inspiration right now. But I’m really enjoying writing Foxeye and eventually I’ll get to a bit of Elucien in there, too! Thanks so much for your art and your nice note, seriously! ❤

I wish ACOWAS was printed in book form with a pretty cover to match ACOTAR/MAF. It was 100000x better than ACOWAR. As far as I’m concerned, ACOWAR is the fanfiction and ACOWAS is the real thing.


❤ My followers are the best. I love you guys! ❤