Yo I’m reading acowas rn and I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember what the gift of the morrigan is? Can you please explain it? Thank

Hi! So, it’s never specified in canon, beyond the ‘truth’ aspect of it. It’s always hinted that there’s something more to it, and I have my own take on it in ACOWAS. I’m not sure how much you’ve read, but Mor’s gift is “sovereignty,” a rather abstract concept that means she bestows honor and glory upon those whom she chooses. It comes from myth, including but not limited to the actual gift of the Morrigan in Irish myth and other sovereignty figures like Dame Ragnelle in Arthurian myth.

I hope you’re enjoying ACOWAS! Thanks for reading!


Loved the epilogue, it was a beautiful finish. Just wanted to ask, what happened to Tamlin?

Oh! This is a good question! 

Honestly, he became irrelevant. I figure he eked out a living somewhere in the former Spring Court territory. Maybe he pledged service to Elain or something (though she likely always made sure his duties were far away from her). But I figure this ultimate decline in power was fitting for Tamlin, as his continued inaction proved that he was not worthy of the power he’d once had. I think Feyre just let Elain decide what to do with him, and since Elain is so gracious, whatever she chose for him was likely subordinate but not brutal. Feyre probably never really thought much of him again after that–though I believe he thought of her quite often.

Beautiful finish!! *bows* I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time, even after my thoughts at the “nine months later” were redirected. I commend you 😁

Hahaha yes, I knew the whole “nine months later” might throw people off, but it June-March, so that’s how the cookie crumbled! lol

AWW, finally after all the hardship they can finally be together in peace! ❤️ but such a perfect ending to the best written fanfic ever (tbh in my mind it’s the third book). I can officially die happy now 😁

OMG yes they so deserved a happy ending! I’m so flattered that you enjoyed it so much!

I still believe the third book will blow ACOWAS out of the water, but I’m happy to hear that it’s satisfying while we all wait!

The epilogue was so beautiful!! Thank you so so much for this fic Sarah! I was dying over the end of ACOMAF until I came across this, and I’m so glad I did! You are honestly the most amazing person ever and I will never be able to thank you enough 😍 I imagined the wedding scene as Charlie Bowater’s beautiful painting that she’s finished yesterday, so wonderful ❤️

OMG you’re the third person to mention thinking of Charlie’s painting (it truly is glorious). I only really took inspiration for Rhys’s cloak, but Charlie’s art is totally amazing and I’m honored that you think of it when you read my work!

I like to think that in the epilogue the wedding dress is something similar to the last painting of charliebowater. Please give me right, everything (your fanfiction and her art) are too perfect * _ * P.s. good job! Thank u so much for your work <3

Ahhhh yes, Charlie’s art is FANTASTIC and her newest piece made me stare at it for far too long. Definitely buying a print when I have the funds! 

Feyre’s wedding dress is actually this dress, though. The only inspiration I took from Charlie’s art was Rhys’s cloak. 😉

Absolutely beautiful. That is all I need to say on that epilogue. Well, also I couldn’t help but notice similarities between feyre and Rhys’s wedding attire and @charliebowater ‘s newest feyrhys piece. Any inspiration from it?

OMG Charlie’s piece is so absolutely incredible! I definitely was inspired by Rhys’s cloak in her piece, but Feyre’s wedding dress is actually this one. It screamed Feyre to me. Thanks so much for reading and I’m glad you liked the epilogue!