ACOFAS was totally fanfiction, but it was written so much better than ACOWAR, imo. ACOWAR totally lost the type of personality Feyre and Rhys made me like, they became bossy and disrespectful, everyone were running around, she totally couldn’t write Inner Circle moments and even worse with other characters. ACOFAS was much better written, although still not on par with so many fanfiction.

I didn’t really like either of them, and it’s been so long since I’ve read either that I can’t make a good comparison. I think they are both low points in SJM’s body of work.

Speaking of the smut box I don’t know if you have read ACOFAS but tbh I think that ACOWAR is a real masterpiece comparing to it and when you think about it, it’s also a kind of fanfic wrote by SJM even if the whole thing seems like a fanfic wrote by an unskilled fan so you can say that she began to sell her own fanfic too, somehow. And I was so angry when I finished it, I think there are so many issues with this one and Feysand’s relationship become so problematic to me… Just my opinion ofc.

hahahaha … . I might have skimmed it. And yes. I 100% agree with you. Going by GR ratings it’s her least popular book, and probably because of the low quality of the prose even compared to her other work. I continue to have problems with SJM’s craft, ones that existed when I was in the fandom and which have increased since I left. Her most recent work is simply confirming all my private thoughts about how she approaches the storytelling process, which is very different from how I approach it. I’m being intentionally vague because I want to keep it professional, but in short, I agree with you.


You’ve said that you are no longer interested/aren’t sure of continuing the ToG and ACOTAR series, but I’m wondering when SJM comes up with a new book series, would you be giving that series a chance?

Honestly, probably not. My issue with her has to do with how she actually writes at this point–it’s not good writing on an objective, craft-focused level. As a writer myself, I find it too frustrating to enjoy. If people I trust read her new stuff and say she’s actually improved, I’ll consider picking her work up again, but it’ll take some strong recommendations at this point before I’ll think about it.

When I say “barbarian” I mean brutal and kind of “primitive” regarding their method such as the fact that Rhys and Cassian have taken lashes when they were kids and it was considered to be something positive for them or the very primitive way they perceive females…

Don’t worry, I understood what you meant. There’s definitely a lot to criticize about the culture the way it’s written, and it raises a lot of questions about why SJM would simultaneously criticize and glorify a culture like that in her work.

I don’t mean to be rude toward SJM’s fans but why almost everyone loves the Illyrians ? They’re just barbarians and a little repugnant even ! I mean it’s like being so into the Dothraki of the GOT universe ? And Rhysand doesn’t even try to change their way of thinking (except with the females wings but there is other things that I find unacceptable about this people).

*sigh* honestly, it has way more to do with potential than what’s actually on the page. The whole system and their culture is not well-written–there’s inconsistencies with how we’re supposed to perceive their culture. I ALWAYS hesitate to use the word “barbarian” because it’s incredibly loaded, especially given the fact that the Illyrians are coded as people of color. But as a culture they seem set up to be a foil to how “good” and “civilized” and “feminist” Rhysand is, which is … problematic to say the least.

replied to your post “[[MOR] I just opened ACOWAR again because my hormonal ass wanted…”

The worst part is that she /can/ do better (at least stylistically and sort of plot-wise). Not too sure how the book ever made it to publication without someone going ‘wtf’ and asking her to revise it a lot :/

yeah, exactly. I didn’t think my expectations were unreasonable going in. Her writing in her other books is better because it looks like it was edited at least once! But the amount of sentence fragments in this one is obscene. Fragments can be a good stylistic choice from time to time, but when there’s ten on a page, they lose their impact. 

I just opened ACOWAR again because my hormonal ass wanted Feysand smut and god damn it the writing is so terrible that I honestly couldn’t even enjoy it. I’m this damn close to going all “Reasoning with Vampires” on its ass and highlighting every single sentence fragment (bc others have already done the “counting em dashes” thing). I don’t think I will ever be over how badly this book let me down. 

I understand the saltiness – Starlight is a name used VERY often in the NAMES of fanfiction. They might not look into this deeply, but it’s not like they’re unaware of fanfictions. Btw. do you think this book will be any good? I’m afraid it’ll be like ACOWAR – that is, full of shitty writing and cliche, awful moments…

It’s also incidentally similar to Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor. 

I have no comment on quality anymore. People said Tower of Dawn is good and I’m thrilled they enjoy it. I’m not inclined to read it, though. This one may be the same, though whether or not I’ll pick it up has 100% to do with how I’m feeling come release date. I might just need some fluffy romance, who knows? 

Maybe that was a weeeeee bit petty 😂😂 I think it’s a bit much to expect big publishers like Bloomsbury to pay attention to the fanfics but idk

no it definitely is, I 1000% admit that, which is why I kept it in the tags. lmao

worst part is I could see myself reading it kawrgbajwrbgjawhbfdbv

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