It may be a weird ask but where exactly did you find all the YA books you plan to read or the suggestions ? Because I’m running out of books which is technically impossible because there is so much books out there, I think I just don’t know where to look haha ^^

So, I’m not exactly sure what this questions applies to? Do you mean in general, or for specific things? In general, I am very involved in the online bookish community and tend to hear about a lot of upcoming releases through that. But I’ve also been reading for such a long time that I’ve got a backlog of books on my Goodreads TBR shelf that I’d love to get to eventually.

For things like the diverse reading challenge, the above also applies, but I make a point to tailor that according to the theme. If you’re looking in the right places and making a effort to open your mind to the possibilities, it’s really easy to find marginalized authors whose work should be read and valued.

In general, if you’re stuck looking for book recs, I suggest looking at book review videos on Youtube, following book blogs, and making use of Goodreads. GR has a system where you can add the books you’ve already read and it will generate recommendations for you–but I tend to find that I prefer getting my recommendations from other people (Recommendation Day has been KILLER so far and I’m so happy I did it).

Hope that helps!



Enchanting Bookworm Inspired Digital Illustrations by Simini Blocker

NYC based illustrator Simini Blocker understands the enchanting world bookworms revel in. From Hogwarts to Neverland or King’s Landing, Blocker captures the spellbinding imaginative realms literature has introduced to us with vibrant colours, gorgeous brushstrokes and fitting quotes from our favourite authors. You can find her gorgeous illustrations on Society6 and Etsy.

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Читать дальше

hey Sarah! any advice for somebody looking to start a more “serious” book blog? (e.g. more original posts, mostly text, and not so much reblogging)

Sure! I think it’s important to have your own review style–the things that you in particular are on the lookout for, you own format for your posts, and your particular genre/category that you review. I also recommend interacting with other book bloggers by commenting on their posts or participating in reading challenges and that sort of thing. Booklr is a community, and you’re more likely to have fun and get a good idea for a regular kind of review system if you’re looking out for what’s working for other people!

10,000th Post Giveaway!


Hello, everyone! This week, I finally hit 10,000 posts on tumblr! I’ve had this blog for four years now, and most of you joined me within the last eighteen months or so. Since then, this blog has grown tremendously, all thanks to you! To celebrate, I’d like to host another giveaway! 

The prizes are as follows:

*Note: Twilight/Life & Death includes light markings and annotations regarding differences between the two.

Terms & Conditions:

First and foremost, this giveaway is not sponsored by Tumblr, and any information collected as a result of this giveaway is not shared with Tumblr or its affiliates.

There are a couple of rules for this giveaway, so please read closely.

  1. You must be following me on Tumblr. Any other follows (on Twitter, IG, FB, etc.) are optional, but count as entries. You can enter as many times as you’d like. The link to enter is at the bottom of this post! Do not submit the password as a reply to this post–that ruins it for everyone else. LIKES AND REBLOGS ARE NOT ENTRIES. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE LINK.
  2. For the Grand Prize, you must be located within the U.S. (shipping costs would be too excessive for me otherwise). 
  3. For Second Prize, I can ship internationally! 
  4. For Third Prize, each winner gets to pick a book from the selection in the order they are drawn. Please understand that if someone claims the book before you, you must select a different book!
  5. The giveaway ends on 2/28. Please allow up to a month following the end of the giveaway for your prize to be delivered. I unfortunately cannot control the mail system. 😉
  6. Winners will be chosen randomly, but shipping restrictions are a factor. If an international winner gets selected for the Grand Prize, I will have to redraw. Expense overrides perceived fairness in this case. I will reach out to winners via email or tumblr to get information about where to send the prizes.


Enjoy, and thank you for following! Please reblog so word gets around!