Hello Sara ! =) It’s not really a question and I know that maybe I will be criticized but I still have some issues with Feyre and Rhys, I mean when I read ACOMAF they’re are my goals (more toward the end though) and they shared a healthy relationship but when I go back to ACOTAR I still feel that awkward feeling when it comes to Feyre and Rhys interactions. I know it was all “a mask” for Rhys part and maybe it was the way Feyre described but still I don’t know what to feel about that sometimes..

That’s okay! You’re not alone in this, and frankly, it’s healthy to criticize it! Feyre as the narrator accepts Rhys’s explanation, and because the book is written from her perspective, the audience is encouraged to accept it, too. But there’s such a thing as unreliable narrators, and it’s perfectly valid to question the origins of their relationship, how Rhys treated her even under the mask, and how that developed into the relationship they ended up in. You’re not wrong for wondering about it, and you’re not wrong for being a little uncomfortable, either!


I ship elriel and don’t really want elucien together, but isn’t Feyre’s reaction to Lucien approaching Elain because of the mating bond a little hypocritical considering that she was approached by Rhysand because he thought that he might be mates despite her unwillingness to associate with him?

Oh yes, I think Feyre is way too harsh to Lucien in a number of ways. She kind of lacks self-awareness and this is a consistent character flaw of hers.

I know that in ACoMaF there was this line about Azriel discreetly having sexual partners, but I would have loved gray-romantic ace Azriel.




Oh my goodness, wouldn’t that be lovely? Besides Amren I think Azriel would be the best for an aro/ace headcanon. Perhaps he’d be demi, which would account for his devotion to Mor, because he so rarely develops the close relationships necessary to feel sexual or romantic attraction! 


While YES! Demi Az!

I have also headcanonned Feyre as demiromantic (and somewhere allosexual) for the longest time. Basically this stems from the fact that of Feyre’s relationships (of the sexual and romantic kind), the first two were mostly physical.

All Feyre and Isaac did was sex, there was nothing else there, and the romance she had with Tamlin is questionable at best. Even with Rhys, their relationship is still very physical, though only after a strong friendship was established and built into a romance.

Admittedly, you do have to slap me in the face with romance in order to get me to notice so I might not be the best judge of this, but most of what Feyre and Tamlin had was physical attraction – an awkward friendship with good sex and little emotional support. Sex was what held their relationship together. Yes, Feyre did think she was in love with Tamlin, but it’s a fairly common thing for aro-spec people to convince themselves they’re in love and later on decide what they felt wasn’t the same as other people’s love, or create false feelings to seem more “normal”. Realising this seems to happen when they discover the idea of aromanticism. So particularly because she doesn’t have the labels, this is basically what I chalk this relationship up to.

But I am also desperate for aro and aro-spec rep (so if you have ANY good ones, throw them my way) and am clawing up whatever I can. And particularly aromantic allosexual ones and aros who have sex without romance because they are VEry sparse and I want more.

Reblogging for this awesome headcanon! I totally see what you’re getting at, here! 

Also, @torattlethestars I have a few aro-spec characters in my book, including one of the protagonists. It’s not out yet, but it should be released around the end of 2018! Keep an eye out! 

Just wanted to say that I absolutely love when you write anything about Elucien or Feysand bc your written is SO good and makes my fangirl heart very happy (let’s be honest ACOWAS is a truly masterpiece). THANK YOU ♥ *sending hug*

Aww thank you!! I’d love to be able to get back to writing them. I’m low on Feysand inspiration right now. But I’m really enjoying writing Foxeye and eventually I’ll get to a bit of Elucien in there, too! Thanks so much for your art and your nice note, seriously! ❤


rhysand leaned against the archway into the sitting room, arms crossed, wings nowhere to be seen, dressed in his usual immaculate black jacket and pants.
and as those violet eyes met mine, as that familiar half smile faded…
my face crumpled. a small, broken noise cracked from me.

rhys was instantly moving, but my legs had already given out. the foyer carpet cushioned the impact as I sank to my knees.
I covered my face with my hands while the past month crashed into me.
rhys knelt before me, knee to knee.

gently, he pulled my hands away from my face. gently, he took my cheeks in his hands and brushed away my tears.
i didnt care we had an audience as I lifted my head and beheld the joy and concern and love shining in those remarkable eyes.
neither did rhys as he murmured, “my love,” and kissed me.

The way Feyre acted with Tarquin reminded me of that scene with Aelin and Aedion in QoS, where Aedion got upset because Aelin lied to him about the blood oath. And still, Aedion was the one who apologized afterwards, even though he had every right to be angry. It’s frustrating how the main couples never seen to have any repercussions for their actions.

Yeah, this seems to be a consistent problem between both series. The hero is always right, whether or not they actually are.