“So I’m your huntress and thief?” His hands slid down to cup the backs of my knees as he said with a roguish grin, “You are my salvation, Feyre.”

She Wolf


Summary: Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.


A/N: I’ve been writing too much drama. Here, have a magical, animalistic smut-fest.

NSFW | Feysand | Dual POV (third person)

One of the bittersweet traits of his love with Feyre was that he knew, deep in his bones, that she would never be completely his. He loves her more deeply than anything he has ever known. And he knows she loves him with the same burning force. Their dance of passion was akin to the moon chasing the sun every night. But she was not leashed to him. She is the wind, and the stars, and the sun, and the moon. All things wild and untamed. Completely free. And he would have her no other way.

She dances at the waters edge, letting her paws dip slightly into the cool surface before using her water magic to trot across the lake. O, what a sight she was to behold! Fur shimmering as white as snow. Starlight dancing off her coat and coalescing like dew drops in the air around her.

He deemed that Feyre was like liquor – destructive, dangerous, addictive. Each time they kissed, he sank a little deeper. Each time he touched her, he gripped a little tighter. Each time he pushed inside her, he fell a little harder. Time was becoming blurred. His love for her consumed him every night in the dying of the light and he couldn’t fathom how he had ever survived up until this point without her by his side.

She races against the wind, paws barely touching the grass before pushing off again, vivid colors dancing all around her as tantalizing scents and hidden trails lead her on a path made for no one but her, and she howls in exhilaration at being so wonderfully alive.

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All those Feysand baby Headcanons got me hella inspired.

Wut I need to read these Feysand baby headcanons/fanfics!

@feysandsmut ​ honey these right there and there are lit 💯👌🏼✔✔ both @sarah-bae-maas and @sarahviehmann have an amazing written ♥

Thanks for the tag! Here are links to my three fics that feature something along those lines (I don’t do a lot of pregnancy/kid fics for reasons but this is what I’ve got):

Dessert – Smut leads to Rhys’s realization that Feyre is pregnant

Queen of Stars – Feyre tells Rhys she is pregnant during a Winter Solstice celebration

Children of Prythian – A one-shot in which Feysand’s daughter has a crush on Azriel

The more I think about it, the more I realize the Court of Nightmares scene is so EXTRA

like, there really was no other way to accomplish what they needed to do besides feeling each other up on that throne? From a writing perspective, it really is just so EXTRA. Unnecessary. Like, definite author wish-fulfillment.



I am wholeheartedly in the trashcan with my sexy extra bat children. 





Listen, I have to do a short film for college and I did up a timetable today where I literally am scheduling my sleeping hours until the end of April.. so this will be the last piece for a while…Gonna try and finish it this week cause I need to get this out of my system before cracking on with all my college work. So except soft Feysand cuddles soon 

I love drawing hands ❤

I just … am SO EXCITED about this already?! Because it looks like Feyre fell asleep reading? And Rhys came over and just fell asleep with her?! or something? which is just #couplesgoals to be real. 

Meabhd I love you.

Hey. So, you know how Rowaelin’s –what would I call it? Catchphrase? Line? We’ll go with line. — line is “to whatever end? Well, what would Feysand’s be?

Hmm, idk, the whole “To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered” line is pretty iconic. But it’s not short and snappy like Rowaelin’s. I think I’d probably say it’s “You’re mine,” because that’s so important in Chapter 55.

When I see this saved by Sarah on her pinterest board I get scared cus it seems like Tamlin will force Feyre to marry him in ACOWAR and nooooooo



Since she married Rhys previously, the marriage wouldn’t be lawful. Also I’m not sure that Tamlin would allow her to bring a sword to her wedding. Maybe it’s some sort of coronation?

Rhys and Feyre aren’t married yet. She is his High Lady, but no wedding ceremony was mentioned at all. Common mistake.

I mean, they are mated which is basically even more important than marriage, but Rhys and Feyre did not have a wedding. Rhys notably does not refer to her as “my wife” at the end of ACOMAF, but she is, his “queen.”