Yes, I was a Feylin shipper too at a time but Maas kind of uses his “PTSD” to turn him into an asshole so I can’t ship him anymore with Feyre :/ and I have never been a big fan of Rhys, have some issues with the way he treated Feyre even in ACOMAF when he uses her like a bait or “forced” her to steal that book at the Summer court. But I suppose it’s no use talking about it now. Let’s cross our fingers to find our OTP one day ! :)

Yeah, I’d argue that Tamlin’s bad behavior was evident during the first book as well, but I totally understand why you feel that way about Rhys. I don’t agree that he forced Feyre to steal the book, but his treatment of her Under the Mountain was ultimately glossed over. Feysand was my OTP for a while, but I couldn’t feel that way anymore after ACOWAR.


Hello Sara ! =) It’s not really a question and I know that maybe I will be criticized but I still have some issues with Feyre and Rhys, I mean when I read ACOMAF they’re are my goals (more toward the end though) and they shared a healthy relationship but when I go back to ACOTAR I still feel that awkward feeling when it comes to Feyre and Rhys interactions. I know it was all “a mask” for Rhys part and maybe it was the way Feyre described but still I don’t know what to feel about that sometimes..

That’s okay! You’re not alone in this, and frankly, it’s healthy to criticize it! Feyre as the narrator accepts Rhys’s explanation, and because the book is written from her perspective, the audience is encouraged to accept it, too. But there’s such a thing as unreliable narrators, and it’s perfectly valid to question the origins of their relationship, how Rhys treated her even under the mask, and how that developed into the relationship they ended up in. You’re not wrong for wondering about it, and you’re not wrong for being a little uncomfortable, either!

Hello ! I would like to know, are you more into Feylin or Feysand after reading acowar ? Because I think I can be more into Feylin, I didn’t like Feysand interractions during the last book, I still have that impression that Rhys doesn’t care so much about Feyre. For example, in the last chapters Rhys would have sent Feyre and Amren to death if Cassian and Nesta wouldn’t have occupied the King elsewhere so he is much more concerned about the fate of Cassian than Feyre, if I read that scene well..

Uhhh…I’m not really sure how to respond to this. I definitely didn’t read it the way you’re reading it, and there’s no way I could go back to shipping Feyre with Tamlin. And despite the fact that it might not have been written the best, I don’t get the impression that Rhys doesn’t care about Feyre. 

I will say that going into ACOWAR, Feysand was my OTP, and after finishing it, they weren’t my OTP anymore. Make of that what you will.

Oh, sorry, I wrote ‘buyed’ and ‘buy’ in my prior message instead of ‘bought’ :) Yes, there is a huge different between the writing style of the first two books and the last one. I’ve heard that sometimes the translators take somes liberties in order to improve the style in their translations but it seems this is not the case. It feels like ACOWAR is a draft. Next time one of her books gets my attention, I’ll read a sample to decide whether I buy it or not. It’s very interesting what you comment1

2about slow burn 😀 I love seeing how two characters develop a bond gradually. I loved the relationship between Rhysand and Feyre in ACOMAF. I think there were several exciting and emotional moments between them, so it saddens me that ACOWAR is letting me down. Btw I’ve read your fics and I loved them, so I want to buy your series. What you’ve told us about it sounds amazing 😀

Yes, most of the fandom noticed the huge difference in style, which led to a conspiracy theory about a ghostwriter (which I don’t buy into). I just think they hurried it to publication a little too fast. And yes, I plan to do the same with any of her books in the future. I’m still undecided about ACOFAS. Feysand was my OTP before ACOWAR, and I’d kind of love to have those feelings back, at least a little. 

And awww!! Thank you so much, that’s really sweet! It’s only a year away now and I feel like it’s really going to fly by. ❤

Hi. Have you made a post of your thoughts about feysand in acowar? The more I think about the book the less I ship them and small things that didn’t really bother me are building up and turning me off the ship. Not that it was bad… I guess after acomaf I had great expectations and I may be slightly biased because I liked both Feyre and Rhys (individually) less in acowar.

I think you’ll find some of this scattered about in the ‘feysand’ and ‘sarah reads acowar’ tags, but I can kind of sum it up here.

Ultimately, I started ACOWAR with Feysand as my OTP, and finished it with that no longer being true. It’s kind of hard to pinpoint why that is–perhaps part of it is simply me moving on as a person, but a lot of it had to do with how their relationship unfolded in ACOWAR.

There were a lot of little moments between them that I loved: Rhys checking on her over the bond, their first moment of seeing each other again, and some of their really good flirting moments. However, this was sadly overshadowed by some parts of their dynamic that I found troubling. I’ll try to sum it up, because it’s mostly centered on one thing.

There was no conflict between them. These two have such strong personalities, and as we saw in ACOTAR and ACOMAF, they don’t always mesh. I feel like, somehow, the mating bond was an excuse to get rid of that. Besides one moment when Feyre is mad at Rhys for criticizing Nesta, there’s next to no conflict between them. They’re constantly validating each other, even when one of them is making shitty decisions. This is such a tonal shift from ACOMAF, when virtually all Feyre and Rhys did was call each other out on their bullshit. That was almost totally absent here, and I really missed that dynamic. It also sends a poor message that once they’re “married”/mated, the conflict ends and everything’s all happy. That’s not how real relationships work. 

Also, the use of the term “unified front” really rubbed me the wrong way, because those are the words that Tamlin used as a weapon against Feyre. It seemed like a really poor narrative decision to use them in regard to Feysand.

I agree with you that I liked both characters as individuals less in ACOWAR, and this affected my perception of their relationship. Rhys’s character, even his shitty decisions, would have been fine if Feyre had stood up to him and called him out, and if he’d had to face consequences for his actions. But he never really did. And Feyre became diminished, somehow, whenever she was around Rhys. This isn’t to say she had no personality or no flaws or anything, but she seemed to revolve around Rhys more than she had in the past, and I noticed this. Again, their individual flaws would be good character traits if they dynamic between them had remained as strong and ripe for conflict as it was in ACOMAF, but again, they were just letting each other get away with everything. It didn’t seem in-character for them. 

Finally, the death bargain. This is so completely out of character for both of them, I can’t even. Other bloggers have written it so much more clearly, but basically, Rhys is the sort of person who has plans on plans on plans, and he would never leave his court’s future up to chance. He wouldn’t imperil his court for the sake of a dangerous romantic gesture, no matter how much he loves Feyre. And I don’t think it’s in character for Feyre to ask that of him. It’s almost exactly the opposite of how I expected them to behave, and given that this was in the very last chapter, it really ruined the appeal of Feysand for me.

I don’t hate Feysand by any stretch of the imagination. I still enjoy the fics I’ve written for them, as well as their dynamic in ACOMAF. But they’re no longer my OTP, and I no longer feel driven to write fic for them. I’m a little sad about this, but that’s the way things go sometimes. 

Just wanted to say that I absolutely love when you write anything about Elucien or Feysand bc your written is SO good and makes my fangirl heart very happy (let’s be honest ACOWAS is a truly masterpiece). THANK YOU ♥ *sending hug*

Aww thank you!! I’d love to be able to get back to writing them. I’m low on Feysand inspiration right now. But I’m really enjoying writing Foxeye and eventually I’ll get to a bit of Elucien in there, too! Thanks so much for your art and your nice note, seriously! ❤

The bargain between Feyre and Rhysand was totally problematic. Imagine for example Rhysand dying when Feyre is pregnant. And the idea that one cannot live without the other is a very troubling message to send when these books have promoted Feysand to be such a healthy relationship in comparison with Feyre and Tamlin and domestic abuse.

*shudders* oh my goodness, I never thought about that scenario! You’re totally right! The entire thing was so short-sighted and poorly thought out. It was done for drama, not for what’s best for the characters or their relationship. 

I’m starting to consider a fic where they need to figure out a way to break this bargain because they’ve both realized how stupid it is. But I don’t have the time. 😦

I’m reading ACOWAR and finally got the part where they are reunited, but am sort of disappointed how it immidietly went from them reuniting- to them fucking?? Like I sort of expected Rhys to be more worried and want her to rest after all she’s been through or listen to her??? And it’s kond of disapointing….

You know, I might surprise people with this, but I didn’t really have an issue with the way this happened! Maybe it’s because I’ve written so much fic of them, but it’s very clear to me that Feyre and Rhysand communicate most effectively through physicality, through sex. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the 5 Love Languages, but for Feysand, their most powerful Love Language is Physical Touch. And honestly, they did spend quite a long time talking, and he provided for her need to bathe and decompress first. I definitely understand why people felt like they moved a bit too fast in this reunion, but from my perspective on their relationship, it made a lot of sense to me (even if the smut wasn’t as good as Chapter 55, lol).