What’s the power of the la Vampa family? Will there be any prominent characters from them?

The La Vampa family is a noble family from Meridies. They don’t have a magical ability all their own, but they’re mostly Ignea and Vitrea (fire and mind magic). There is one prominent character from this family who appears at the end of the first book and persists through the second book, though she goes by her married name. There’s also another minor character in the third book.


17, 19, 20, 21 for unrooted

17. pick a color to represent each character.

  • Pomona: green
  • Nevea: red
  • Demetra: black
  • Delia: royal blue
  • Callisto: purple
  • Cris: navy blue
  • Tacita: pink

19. which character most fits a character trope? which trope? 

I would say that Pomona definitely fits the McCoy trope, while Cris is definitely a Seeker.

20. which character is the best writer? worst?

Ah, this is interesting! I wouldn’t call any of the characters of Unrooted particularly literary except Demetra, who keeps diaries. Cris keeps plenty of academic notes but isn’t the creative-arts type. 

21. which character is the best liar? worst?

Appius is the best liar, followed by Demetra and Cris. 

Hi! 13 and 15 for Unrooted?

13. sort your characters into harry potter houses!

  • Pomona = Hufflepuff
  • Nevea = Slytherin
  • Delia = Gryffindor
  • Demetra = Ravenclaw
  • Callisto = Gryffindor
  • Cris = Ravenclaw
  • Tacita = Gryffindor

15. describe each character’s daily outfit.

  • Pomona: A brown or green wool skirt with an apron and a leather corset, along with work gloves and her headscarf. 
  • Nevea: A corseted dress usually in light colors with bright embroidered accents. The current style includes flared sleeves and traditional geometric and floral embroidery along the seams and hems. Her hair is worn braided under a maramă, or silk veil, with her royal headdress. 
  • Callisto: A traditional white blouse and linen skirt with an apron, though she’ll switch into loose trousers when she’s more active.
  • Cris: Either an outfit like Callisto’s or a pair of loose trousers with a vest and a felt hat. Sometimes they combine the two. 
  • Tacita: A loose silk or or linen draped dress, usually in pastels, with a complex braided hairstyle. 

(For the questions ask) I hope I can ask multiple numbers. If so, I’m curious about 2 and 3. Preferably for the first book in the series :D

Sure! Both of these are for Unrooted!

2. pick one sight, smell, sound, feel, and taste to describe the aesthetic of your novel.

  • Sight = green branches intersecting and allowing only a scrap of blue sky to be seen through it.
  • Smell = wet mulch on the forest floor after a heavy rain
  • Sound = Tal playing his pan pipes
  • Feel = Numbness at the tips of your fingers from the cold
  • Taste = Hearty lamb stew with root vegetables

3. which 3+ songs would make up a playlist for the novel?

The official Unrooted playlist will be revealed next month, but here’s a sneak peek at a few songs on it!

  • Willow by Jasmine Thompson
  • Hunger by Florence + The Machine
  • Silhouette by Owl City

Sorry if this question has already been asked but will Unrooted be a standalone ? Or will it be a trilogy, perhaps ? Can’t wait to read it anyway !!!!

Great question! Unrooted is actually the first in a series of five books! Here are some teasers of things that will appear throughout the series (in no particular order):

1. sand monsters

2. a girl with a penchant for knives

3. a ballroom scene

4. a trans prince

5. f/f romance

Can’t wait to share Unrooted and the rest of The Iridia Series with you!

8, 9, 11, 35 for Pomona, Nevea and Delia

8: What is, perhaps, their biggest flaw? Are they aware of this or oblivious to it?

Pomona: She has attachment issues that aren’t her fault, but which she isn’t really aware of. This leads her to have a difficult time expressing her needs and forming positive, trusting relationships. She’s so afraid of hurting people that she has several walls built up to prevent that from happening.

Nevea: Nevea’s biggest flaw is her insecurity, but it actually manifests as overcompensated ego. She puts down others and elevates herself to hide the fact that her self-esteem is actually pretty damaged. She knows she’s mean to people, but she doesn’t really know the reason.

Delia: Delia is incredibly impatient, and she gets frustrated with people for not doing what she expects them to do as soon as she wants them to do it. And when situations don’t go her way, she bails.

9: Do they have a favorite season? What about a favorite holiday?

Pomona: Pomona’s favorite season is spring (no surprise), and her favorite holiday is Mărțișor (mur-tsee-SHOR), which is the holiday celebrating the arrival of spring. She doesn’t really participate in many of the celebrations, but she loves decorating the garden with red and white for it and watching from afar.

Nevea: She likes early- to midwinter best, because it’s lovely but not so cold as to be miserable. Her favorite holiday is the midwinter feast, which also involves parades and costumes and a chance to let the hair down.

Delia: Delia prefers the summer because she loves the sun and heat. She doesn’t have a favorite holiday in Izolat, but she remembers the Rainbow Festival from Solharena as being a past favorite.

11: What is something that would make your character fly into a rage?

Pomona: Hardly anything because she keeps herself so well-regulated. If anything sets her off, it’s usually when someone has put her down to her face too many times. But even then, her response is relatively mild and not what could be considered a ‘rage.’

Nevea: Anything mildly inconvenient. (Just kidding.) Nevea is easily triggered, but there’s a difference between her melodrama and legitimate ire, and the latter is usually brought about by someone underestimating her and treating her like an idiot.

Delia: Stupid people.

35: Is your character afraid of death? If they got to choose how to die, how would they want to go?

Pomona: Yes, she’s afraid of death because she’s not sure what might happen to her after she dies. She would be the one to say “of old age in my sleep” should she be asked how she wants to go.

Nevea: Yeah, she’s terrified of death, which is very inconvenient for her when the plot comes around. But, if she got to choose how she would die, she’d probably say by something sudden and invisible, like a heart attack.

Delia: This is a … complicated question for her. The short answer is no, she’s not afraid of death. If she could choose how she’d die, she’d say “of old age with my wife.” 

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What is Nova and Aetheria magic like? They seem fascinating

Thank you! You can read a bit more about Aetheriae magic here, but in short, it’s magic over wind and weather. Generally, someone will have an affinity for a particular kind of weather, or otherwise they control the breeze generally. Novae magic is the ability to transfigure objects, though it usually requires a substitute called an imitor to work correctly. 

What sort of topics have you had to research in the process of writing the Iridia series? e.g. religion, philosophy, languages, etc.

All of the above! I’ve designed about three different religions in Iridia, so that took work. I also had to research geography and government and natural medicine, along with lots of other things! It’s been a great journey. 🙂