I was wondering if you had any interest in finishing Realm of Eternity? And if you had an idea of when you’d update? So sorry if you’ve already addressed this! I’m a little behind.. :p love your work! Have a good day:)

Hi there! I have addressed this a couple of times, but it’s okay. I’m working on getting my Ph.D right now, and that takes up a lot of my time, so fanfiction in general has slowed down for me. Also, I ran out of motivation and inspiration for Realm of Eternity. It fell down a few pegs on my to-do list as a result. I may revisit it in the future, but I don’t want to make any promises about when. Thanks for understanding!


I love all your fics so much, they are so creative and everyone is perfectly on character. I can’t believe you wrote an entire novel (ACOWAS)!!! Are you planning on continuing your ToG Realm of Eternity fic?

Oh I just scrolled down and down one already asked you about realm of eternity so nevermind and good luck with your Ph.D.!!

Thanks so much! I’m really happy you liked ACOWAS (somehow it still feels like only yesterday when it’s been nearly eight months)! I am sorry about RoE, but I’ve learned I’m more of an ACOTAR ficcer than a ToG one. But stay tuned, I’m hoping to get another chapter of “Swift Wings” up this weekend. 🙂

Any updates on RoE?

As I said a few weeks ago, RoE is on the shelf for now. I had little to no motivation or inspiration to write it (which has been the case with ToG fics before and I’m taking as a sign that I should stick with ACOTAR fics). But honestly, fanfiction in general is taking a backseat to my graduate work right now–getting a Ph.D takes a lot of energy! Maybe once I get the swing of the semester down I’ll be able to get other fics out (I will still be releasing my giveaway fic here in the next couple of weeks), but I’ll be pretty quiet on that end otherwise. Luckily, my semester ends just as ACOWAR is coming out, so I’ll be able to be super active again once that happens! 

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Where do we find the books u are writing?! And when are u going to finish RoE?! You are amazing

You can’t find the books I’m writing yet because they haven’t been published, but if you want to get snippets and hear about the process, check out my ‘writing,’ ‘iridia,’ and ‘archland’ tags. (iridia = archland but I updated the tag). 

As for RoE, I’ve said a couple of times that it’s on hiatus now. I just do not have inspiration for it at the moment. Maybe that’ll change down the line, but right now I’m not updating it.

I hope you don’t feel bad about not writing ROE, and people possibly being disappointed. I’m just happy that you’re not pressuring yourself and that you’re writing what you feel good with! 💜

Hi nonnie! Thankfully, I really don’t feel too bad. I did at first because I knew people were enjoying it, but I knew I wasn’t going to do my best with it if I wasn’t excited about it. Also, people seem to be enjoying My Fair Warrior, so at least there’s an alternative! Thanks so much for your nice note! ❤

RoE Update

Hey everyone,

So, I’ve got to be completely honest and tell you that I really have no motivation for Realm of Eternity whatsoever, and that I have had to fight through writing the chapters every week for the past month, at least. It’s just … not that much fun. And though I know I haven’t gotten to the escape yet and I’m getting close, I think I’m just going to lighten up on myself and write when I feel like it, instead of forcing out a chapter every week. Maybe if I take the expectations off of myself I’ll feel better about writing it. 

Though I’m taking the timeline off, I will say that I only plan to write until Aelin and crew make it to Banjali. I’m not entirely sure how many chapters that will take or how long it will take me to write them, but at that point I’ll try to have the individual subplots wrapped up in a satisfactory way so I can call the fic done. So it’s not going to be full-length like ACOWAS. I just don’t have it in me to try and pull that off with such a massive series with all these characters. I’ll let SJM herself handle that. 😉

Thank you all so much for your patience, and I hope that you all are happy with it once I finally do get it finished.