Top 5 Wednesday!

Welcome to Top 5 Wednesday! Every week, join me and other bloggers/booktubers as we discuss our Top 5 Books according to the theme from the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group! This group, started by @thoughtsontomes and @gingerreadslainey, has prompts every week.


Discuss the books that you wanted to read at one point, but don’t anymore.  

#5 – 27 Hours by Tristina Wright

This is one that I was excited about because I’d heard there was good LGBT+ rep, including an ace character. Then I started hearing that it seemed to tackle the subject of colonialism poorly, so I hesitated. Then it turned out that the author is an abuser, so this is firmly off my list now.

#4 – Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia

I remember seeing the movie and kind of enjoying it, but the books always seemed like such a huge effort to get through, and it’s been so long since I added them to my TBR that I don’t think I’d enjoy them very much anymore. 

#3 – Gives Light by Rose Christo

I added this one to my list after the My Immortal fiasco last fall, but in the wake of learning that the author might not be who she says she is and could be appropriating struggles that aren’t her own, I really don’t think I actually want to read her books after all.

#2 – Shadowsong by S. Jae-Jones

I wound up DNFing Wintersong, so I’m taking the sequel off my TBR as well. I’m still bitter that I there was so much about Wintersong that I should have liked, but that the book just didn’t work for me. 

#1 – Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

I used to be really invested in the Throne of Glass series, but that is no longer the case. I really don’t think I’m going to read the last book, especially because there are so many other books I’d rather read instead.

Building this list took me through my To-Read list on Goodreads, which includes plenty of books I don’t remember adding, but is really mostly fairy-tale retellings and fairy-tale and feminist nonfiction. I’m nothing if not dependable! Do you all have any books that were once on your TBR but are no longer? 


Do you know how Mab can be Aelin’s great-grandmother? The TOG books make it seem like she turned mortal and died ages ago, not less than a hundred. Also, do you think Aelin’s mother settled into a Fae form, or any of the other Ashryvers?

I think it’s a result of English’s lack of a decent phrase for extended ancestors. We just tack on great-great-great into infinity, and this gets a little exhausting after a while. So I think SJM is just using “great-grandmother” as a shorthand since she’s already mentioned it was a few generations back. That was my interpretation the first time I read it, but maybe if I went back and looked this might be something that isn’t laid out very well. 

I think Aelin’s mother might have had a Fae form or an animal form, but spent most of her time looking human. I can’t really prove anything on that front, though.

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*Note: Twilight/Life & Death includes light markings and annotations regarding differences between the two.

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I was actually waiting for the bomb to drop – Maeve couldn’t be JUST evil – she had to be super evil to make Aelin look so much better in comparision. SJM is not exactly subtle.

…..I mean……’re not wrong……

(Middle Eastern anon) Yeah, Tower of Dawn was great! Overall, I do like the ToG series better than ACOTAR, and this is just one of the many reasons why :) Which do you prefer?

Woo sorry for the long gap in answering! My day got going fast. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed ToD! 

I was a bigger part of the ACOTAR fandom, though I did enjoy both for a time. I’m not sure I’m going to finish either series at this point, though. 

Hey Sarah! I was wondering if you have any plans on at least reading the final ToG book or if you’re dropping the series completely

I’m really not sure at this point! I think it will entirely depend on what my fall semester next year is like and what other people think of it. If I’m having a tough semester, I want to focus on reading books for fun that I really want to. But if my workload is lighter, I’d be more likely to consider it. I never say never, but I won’t be running to the bookstore like I have in the past.

*TOWER OF DAWN SPOILER ALOERT* Same anon as before – just read your TOG theory. Wow. That was amazingly reasoned and researched, and SO spot on. Incredible. So much of that is revealed in TOD. It’s like you read SJM’s mind.

Thanks. 🙂 I’ve had this experience before with ACOWAR, so I have a pretty good track-record with guessing things in SJM’s world(s). I attribute this mostly to the fact that I’m literally getting my docorate in this stuff, so I’m a little more sensitive to certain plot movements, motifs, folklore, etc. I love what I do and I’m glad I’m able to chip into fandoms from time to time with stuff like this. 🙂

*I’m the same anon from a minute ago* Also are you still/were you ever part of the TOG fandom?

I enjoyed the books for a while, though I was never as invested in the ToG fandom as I was the ACOTAR fandom. I wrote an incomplete fic for it and a multi-part theory post (which I’m told isn’t totally off), but I didn’t love EoS and haven’t read ToD.  

hiya sarah! so i have a bit of a request? i have the url chaolwesfalls saved but I’m looking to give it away to someone who loves him with all their heart and will put the url to good use. I know you have a ton of tog followers so would you be alright boosting this ask?

Aww, sure!! If anyone wants this url, it’s up for grabs!