Omg I love the beginning of Unrooted. You write so well and the atmosphere is so captivating. I wish you the best luck, Sarah. I’d love to read your series <3

Oh my goodness! I thought I had answered this ages ago! Thank you so much for the compliment, nonnie! I have a slower week this week so I hope to chip away at the beginning and try to write some more. ^_^

Im sorry about Unrooted, but I bet you’ll find a great agent and new publisher. I can’t wait to read your book whenever it releases

Thank you, nonnie! Everyone’s support has been so wonderful, and it’s very encouraging! I’ll definitely keep folks updated as the progress comes along!

17, 19, 20, 21 for unrooted

17. pick a color to represent each character.

  • Pomona: green
  • Nevea: red
  • Demetra: black
  • Delia: royal blue
  • Callisto: purple
  • Cris: navy blue
  • Tacita: pink

19. which character most fits a character trope? which trope? 

I would say that Pomona definitely fits the McCoy trope, while Cris is definitely a Seeker.

20. which character is the best writer? worst?

Ah, this is interesting! I wouldn’t call any of the characters of Unrooted particularly literary except Demetra, who keeps diaries. Cris keeps plenty of academic notes but isn’t the creative-arts type. 

21. which character is the best liar? worst?

Appius is the best liar, followed by Demetra and Cris. 


Hi! 13 and 15 for Unrooted?

13. sort your characters into harry potter houses!

  • Pomona = Hufflepuff
  • Nevea = Slytherin
  • Delia = Gryffindor
  • Demetra = Ravenclaw
  • Callisto = Gryffindor
  • Cris = Ravenclaw
  • Tacita = Gryffindor

15. describe each character’s daily outfit.

  • Pomona: A brown or green wool skirt with an apron and a leather corset, along with work gloves and her headscarf. 
  • Nevea: A corseted dress usually in light colors with bright embroidered accents. The current style includes flared sleeves and traditional geometric and floral embroidery along the seams and hems. Her hair is worn braided under a maramă, or silk veil, with her royal headdress. 
  • Callisto: A traditional white blouse and linen skirt with an apron, though she’ll switch into loose trousers when she’s more active.
  • Cris: Either an outfit like Callisto’s or a pair of loose trousers with a vest and a felt hat. Sometimes they combine the two. 
  • Tacita: A loose silk or or linen draped dress, usually in pastels, with a complex braided hairstyle.